Array Booth

The newest and Most Awesome 3D GIF.

Array Booth Fun

Introducing the Array Booth

The newest and most awesome GIF. The 3D Boomerang GIF.

What is this 3D business? Rather than the camera being stationary, it slides and takes photos from different angles combining into a single GIF with a 3D effect.

Normally, creating 3D GIF like this would require a huge set up with many cameras. We’ve managed to simplify the process with a new innovative booth set-up that allows anyone to get this effect (rather than big corporates with fat budgets).

Awesomely Different

Be the talk of town and bring your event to a new level of amazing. Have you seen a photo booth photo like this before? Probably not. Have your friends? Most definitely not.

Boomerang GIFs

The boomerang. Made famous by Instagram. Now made even more famous by us with our array booth in three-dee (a.k.a. 3D). The results speak for themselves.

Goes Anywhere

The array booth is truly mobile. No power required (and no fuss). Just give the booth some space, and we'll make the awesome 3D GIFs.

Social Sharing

What's the point of having this awesome photo if you can't show off? Get it directly to your mobile and then pop it right onto Facebook and Instagram.

Packages and Pricing

If you're looking for a comprehensive list of what’s included in our array booth packages, here it

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